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Ped Damage Overhaul 1.2

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The work on this mod has become teamwork.

I would like to especially thank @fitfondue, the co-author of this mod!


Hey guys,

so over the last weeks I have been trying a couple of things and the result of it was this mod.

What does it do?

  • human NPCs get more health - now you cant kill them with a few shots, the only proper way to take an enemy out quickly is a headshot
  • human NPCs burn longer - no more super-fire which kills humans within a few seconds
  • human NPCs can survive fire - there is a certain chance that NPCs survive being burned (but they wont be able to fight afterwards)
  • human NPCs now feel if they have been shot in the legs - if you shoot NPCs legs they will now stumble or even fall when running or sprinting (based on a certain chance)
  • human NPCs take less damage from you - from now on you have to be more tactical (use the environment, set things ablaze or cripple your enemies to win a fight against multiple opponents - or be a good shot and take them out with headshots)
  • human NPCs take longer to bleed out (and thus can travel longer distances when wounded) - be sure to leave no one alive when raiding camps, or the wounded ones might now be able to stumble into the next town creating eye witnesses
  • human NPCs have a chance to stay on the ground for a random amount of time when wounded (based on their health) - so you can know knock the breath out of your opponents
  • human NPCs wont die instantly - there is a certain health threshold that if reached (= if an NPC has suffered enough damage), the NPC wont be able to get back up
  • DISCLAIMER: dynamite damage has not been altered much, since the effects would make the game very unrealistic
  • DISCLAIMER: melee damage has not been altered, since fistfights will otherwise turn into an odyssey
  • DISCLAIMER: animal damage has not been altered, since this would dismantle the hunting mechanics of the game (it would be extremely hard to get pristine pelts)


The mod can be enabled/disabled by pressing the F9 key.

I hope you will enjoy this mod as much as I do 😉


The source code of this mod can be found here:


What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


Changelog v1.1

  • lowered chance of NPCs surviving fire from 90% to 20%
  • lowered health of NPCs
  • certain weapons (shotguns, sniper rifles, tomahawks, improved arrows, dynamite arrows, dynamite) now do way more damage
  • added ini for configuration with the following values:
    • ToggleKey (set the F-key with which you want to toggle the mod)
    • EnableScriptByDefault (choose if you want the mod to be enabled by default)
    • PlayerInvincibility (choose if you want to be invincible)
    • FireSurvivalChance (set the chance of NPCs surviving fire yourself)
    • FireHealth (health value which NPCs will get when they are burning and are not supposed to survive)
    • NPCHealth (set the standard NPC health)
    • KnockbackThreshold (set the amount of health under which NPCs can be knocked back)
    • KnockbackChance (set the chance for an NPC being knocked back when under the threshold)
    • DyingThreshold (set the amount of health under which NPCs wont be able to get back up again)
    • StumbleChance (set the chance for an NPC to stumble or fall if it has damaged legs)
    • SpecialWeaponModifier (set the damage modifier for the weapons mentioned above)
  • fixed all the bugs that I noticed in v1.0


Changelog v1.11

  • fixed a bug where dyingthreshold and knockbackthreshold would not compute properly (thanks to @fitfondue for reporting!)
  • adjusted dyingthreshold default value
  • adjusted knockbackthreshold default value


Changelog v1.2

  • rebalanced everything (NPC health, thresholds, chances, etc.)
  • added a bleedout function (NPCs in dying mode now lose health continuously, based on chance)
  • added the option to adjust Arthurs health value (deactivated by default, but configurable in the ini)
  • added a separate version with more "realistic" values
  • added the following ini values (those marked with * are not in the config by default, but you can add them if you want to tinker):
    • BleedWhenDying (enables or disables the bleeding function)
    • BleedingChanceDying (the chance of NPC losing health = bleeding)
    • BleedingValue (the value which is deducted when bleeding kicks in)
    • PlayerHealth (option to set Arthurs health)
    • *BleedWhenShot (adds a bleeding function for NPCs under the knockback threshold)
    • *BleedingChanceShot (chance for NPC losing health when under the knockback threshold)
    • *StumbleForcePushX (pushing force when stumbling, x-direction)
    • *StumbleForcePushY (pushing force when stumbling, y-direction)
    • *StumbleForcePushZ (pushing force when stumbling, z-direction)
    • *IsDirectionRelative (pushing force when stumbling, is the pushing direction relative)
    • *IsForceRelative (pushing force when stumbling, is the pushing force relative)
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· Edited by fitfondue

For current version ·


FULL DISCLOSURE (February 14th 2020): After this review, which was posted on February 9th, I started contributing to the mod and am now credited as co-author of version 1.2 (though all the real hard work is still by HughJanus, I'm just helping out as tester and suggesting features and .ini values). So the review below is for the 1.11 version when I still didn't know I'd get involved to this extent.


It does what it says and is very configurable through an .ini file. If you're not keen on the increased health for NPCs, you can set it down to normal levels and still enable the more advanced behaviours of the mod as explained in the description (dying states, knockbacks, fires that don't magically kill NPCs in two seconds). Given that so much of RDR2's code is still unknown, the features in this mod are downright impressive and make the game much more immersive.

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